Upcoming Renovations

Well it’s been a little bit since our last blog post, our apologies for that.  It has been an amazing summer/fall and we are now entering our winter season!  The Christmas lights are up and we are finishing up some decoration but overall we are getting excited to start our off-season maintenance.  We like to keep our followers up to date on what’s going on as much as we can, so hang in there and let me run through some of the plans for this season!

We have already updated the Carteret suite, we haven’t been able to update pictures on the website yet because the room as been continuously occupied, which is amazing!  But trust me when I say, it’s a completely different room.  We started by taking out all of the old carpet and replacing it with fresh carpet in a neutral color scheme.  The bead-board got a new coat of white and the walls got a coat of  Valspar Silver Dust.  We wanted to brighten the room up so a nice light color was picked.  The bathroom got the same treatment with a coat of paint on the existing vanity.  Light fixtures were updated with LED’s and all switches and plugs were changed from the old beige to white which really updates things.  Beyond that we added new bedside tables (super cute!), new decor and new TV’s and some other odds and ends to really bring the theme out in the suite!  Keep your eye’s peeled for updated pictures coming soon!

We also painted the Morehead Suite recently but hadn’t gotten to the bathroom, which is what we just finished up.  The suite got a fresh coat of Valspar Enlightenment all around as well as new switches and outlets that were updated to white.  Soon we’ll start updating decor and light fixtures, but the Morehead Suite was already really cute.  Plans for that room are to pull up the carpet and expose the original hardwood floors underneath.  If you’ve stayed in our Swann Suite, you’ve already seen a sneak peak at what’s under there.

Next we are moving into the Shackleford Suite for a fresh coat of paint, switches and outlets and a little bit of decor.  We do have plans for a more extensive renovation for that room, but that will probably be next year.  We also would like to expose the original hardwood in that room and keep is a nice clean look.  The plans are to turn that room into our “glam” spot.  Add a little bit of twinkle and shiny stuff, hahaha.  Use an old door for a new headboard, update the linens and all new furniture.  We want this room to feel coastal but somewhere that you would hang your tux after a night out and wrap up in a cozy blanket by the water.

The Beaufort Suite is one that we have big plans for in the near future.  We have had a lot of interest in extended stays here at the Harborlight, so we felt a suite for that would be needed.  Once again, expose all of the original hardwood, plush rugs and fresh paint all around.  The color scheme for the suite will be a color called Light Moss, which is a nice pastel green, the same color as our recently renovated Swann Suite.  All new furniture of course, updated light fixtures, some work in the bathroom area (hopefully a clean white subway tile look) and the big project…. a kitchenette!  That’s right, we want to add some extra amenities for extended stay guests including a larger refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot with a little more countertop space also.  Like I said, this is down the road, but it should be a really fun room to flip!

So last but not least… the Emerald Suite, the big kahuna.  We’ve been dreaming about this since we bought the guest house and it’s going to be a big one, kind of.  We are going to rip all the carpet out and replace with new carpet, fresh paint, outlets and switches to white, new light fixtures and new furniture all around.  The bathroom is in great shape so there will be a few small changes but nothing crazy.  We want to add touches of shiplap to the room, making an accent wall where the fireplace is and possibly one in the bedroom.  We are going all out on the coastal, shabby chic look for this room.  Since it’s used as our honeymoon suite and bridal suite a lot, we want to keep it very comfortable with soft, plush textures but clean lines and a light feel.  The wall will be a color called North Star, which is that same blue as our common area.  The blue with clean white trim and shiplap is going to make for a really bright and airy space.  We are starting this project toward the end of January, hoping that it will only take a couple weeks to complete.  So if you see the room is unavailable, we apologize but it will be well worth it later down the road, we promise!

We’ll be updating everyone with pictures of all of our recent renovations and we are excited to continue down the path for the betterment of the Harborlight.  If you have any questions about any work that has been done, please feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to answer and questions to best of our ability.  See you all soon!

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