Spring has Sprung!

Well we’ve had an eventful winter season here at the Harborlight.  We completed our common room renovation and our Swann Suite got a makeover with new carpet, furniture and a fresh coat of paint and decor.  It’s really given us some great ideas to move forward with for the other suites in the near future!

Now that Spring is here and the calendar is filling up quickly, it’s time to turn our focus to the exterior of the building.  After Hurricane Matthew decided to come through and completely wipe out all of our landscaping, we’ve decided to change a few things up outside.  We’ll have several of our plants relocated and fresh mulch coming in next week.  Once all the beds have been cleaned and re-mulched, then it’s time to figure out where all the “pretty” gets to go!  Last year we focused on A LOT of colors all across the rainbow.  This year, we want to simplify things so to say.  Stick with flowering coastal grasses with accents of seasonal flowers.  We do love our hanging baskets which cover about every inch of our porches!  There’s also the palms to trim and cut back any of the old shoes.

Wedding bookings have been coming in so now that the temperature is warming up, it’s time to get out in the yard!  We are really looking forward to getting some dirt under our nails and a little sweat on the brow!

We don’t want to give away to many details, but we’ll have some fun outdoor decor and fresh touches on a lot of the building!

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