Located between Swansboro and Morehead City, North Carolina, on the popular Crystal Coast, the Harborlight was opened by the McLean family in 1963 as a restaurant and bar. It was frequented by Carteret County residents and visitors taking the Bogue Island ferry back and forth to Emerald Isle.

From the early 1960's until the B. Cameron Langston Bridge (visible from the inn) was completed in the early 1970's, the Harborlight was a hot spot in western Carteret County because of its proximity to the ferry landing. Locals can still remember when the Harborlight was a bustling center of activity in the area.

After the bridge was completed, the restaurant was closed and the building was left empty for eight years. It was turned into apartmentsRest-Sign until the previous owners purchased the house in February 1993 to create the Harborlight Guest House Bed & Breakfast.

Remodeling the house was a herculean task, and with the help of one construction crew from Raleigh and another from Carteret County, the transformation was accomplished in a remarkable 105 days! The house was completely gutted, leaving only the steel beams and the outside walls. Two-by-fours were laid down where new inside walls now stand. Because of tight zoning laws, five septic tanks were put in and the number of bedrooms was limited to seven. With 8,000 square feet to work with, the luxury suites are quite large in size.

Dana Brocious and Perry McDougald purchased the Inn in May of 2016.  With Dana having a background in event management and Perry in outdoor recreation, hosting guests in such an amazing surrounding just felt natural.  With the couple’s tenacity and youthful energy, they are looking forward to continuing the Harborlight tradition.