I’m Talkin Food Here


So let’s talk food for a second….more specifically what dishes may pop up here at the Harborlight and a few other dishes we’re curious to try out and see what happens.  We made an agreement this past week that we would try ONE new dish each day, whether it be and appetizer or the main dish.  So far, we’ve stuck to it, and only found a couple things that we would change or not do again.

I think we should just start with Monday, being that that’s the beginning of the week.  Our new dish that day was a French Toast Bake.  This one is a KEEPER!  (I’ll be posting recipes up later, but let’s just keep going through what’s new).  For Tuesday’s new dish, we did a new app as well as a meal.  We started with sausage and cream cheese stuffed croissants (delicious!) with an Italian breakfast casserole as the main dish.  I loved the dish, maybe just less bell peppers next time.  Moving onto Wednesday, we made banana pancakes where the bananas were mushed into the batter, FANTASTIC!  Of course I love bananas so this was a win for me.  The next day we made a peach kuchen for an appetizer, basically a cake topped with peaches.  I wasn’t overly impressed with this dish, it just didn’t have as much flavor as I would have liked to have out of the peaches.  I’m not sure what I could change because we used fresh peaches from South Carolina bought from a local market that were fantastic when cut.  Finally, for today, Saturday, we tried out a new recipe for a Southwestern egg casserole.  This one was probably one of my favorites, but I love anything with a southwest flavor or kick to it.  We do have a new dish lined up for tomorrow as well, we’re going to try a bananas foster French toast bake, once again, its bananas so of course I’m excited!

If there’s one thing we do right, it’s the meals here at the Harborlight.  We don’t want anyone to walk away hungry or disappointed.  If you have a favorite dish you’d like to see us try out, please pass it along.  We are always looking for new dishes to add to the line-up.  I believe for next week we’ll be trying a bunch of new recipes as well, so I’ll make sure and keep everyone updated on how that goes!


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