Common Room Renovation

hghSo with winter time upon us, we’ve taken the opportunity to update our common area here at the Harborlight.  Previously, the common area was a little broken apart in our opinion.  There was an area when you first walked in t
hat housed the check-in desk, bookshelf, ice maker and a cabinet with extra plates, forks, dvd’s and wine glasses.  We’ve decided to open up that wall separating the entrance to the rest of the common area making for one giant open floor plan.  We’ve also opened up a wall into what was previously an empty storage area in our catering kitchen.  This area will now be home t
o a plethora of custom cabinets for all our guests needs.  We’ve relocated the ice maker, microwave, coffee machine and any dishes that guests may need to this area.  Also, it will be incredibly beneficial for when we host weddings or events for caterers to use this space for food or gift display.

We’ve gone through and changed flooring from a tile/carpet mix to all the same tile.  We went with a hardwood tile in a slightly grey color to keep with the coastal look.  Paint choice is a faded blue with some grey mixed in and there will be a hefty wainscoting and chair rail all the way around the room.  We’ve also scraped the popcorn ceilings and added new can lighting to updated the space.  The bathroom has also gotten a facelift with new flooring, paint, vanity and light fixtures to keep a clean look throughout.  New doors both at the main entrance and patio entrance with locking keypads make it easy to have open during the day and guest will be able to access the common area after hours by simply typing in their room code.

We are beginning the process of shopping for new furniture to match the updated area.  We’re exploring different avenues to keep with our coastal look to really have an inviting and fun place for guests to relax.  We do have one piece that we are really excited to showcase, it’s a table built from oyster shells collected from where I proposed to Dana down in Georgia.  Our friends have been keeping this a secret and surprised us with the table as a wedding gift!

So keep your eyes peeled for updated pictures and posts as we continue with our renovation.  We’re excited to see the end product and then….who knows… maybe a bedroom or two?!?

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