Cheers to Another Amazing Summer!

Although it may still feel like Summer outside, it is officially Fall according to the calendar.  Is it time to break out the pumpkins and cider?  No, not yet, but soon enough.  While we still have the warmer temperatures and nice water out, make sure and enjoy the coast just a little bit longer before we bundle up in our sweatshirts and flip flops.



We had another amazing summer here at the Harborlight.  We got to meet some amazing people from all over the world, folks from Germany, Japan, Argentina and even Bali!  Between the stories we’ve heard and the friendships we’ve made, it has been a memorable summer for us for sure.  We’ve been busy planning for weddings for this coming fall and spring and even next fall (you can never be to prepared), we’ve had some amazing engagements that we’ve gotten to be a part of, birthday parties, baby showers and even some reunions have all happened this summer.  It’s crazy how we have gotten to be a part of these special moments and memories for others, and that makes them REALLY special for us as well.


We’re looking forward to the upcoming months, there’s a lot going on here shortly.  We’ve already “started” our Carteret Suite renovation with replacing the carpet.  We have a small gap in bookings in a couple weeks that will allow us to get into the room for new paint and furniture and some other updates around to really freshen and brighten the room.  We’ll have another blog post on that so that everyone can see the transformation.  Once we really get into the heart of the off season we are going to dig into our Emerald Suite as well for a fairly extensive renovation.  We are hoping that the hardwood floors we’ve found elsewhere are hiding under that carpet as well.  New paint, furniture and a lot of other surprises that I won’t talk about just yet are coming.  So plan in the next few months is to have Carteret and Emerald renovated and then we’ll be doing a little work on freshening the exterior of the building as well.  Lots of fun projects too come!

Having the opportunity to be in the line of work that we are and to hear the feedback from our guests, it has truly been a blessing for us.  We love to hear about each of our guests experiences and learn how we can better the guest house for a memorable stay.  Thank you to everyone who has stayed with us or will be coming to stay with us!  It’s because of each of you that we love what we do and do what we love.



Dana and Perry

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