The Beginnings of Suite Renovations

I’m sure many of you have seen the posts about our common room renovation, we are STILL waiting on a few pieces to complete that process.  Our doors were back-ordered…and by back-ordered, I mean they must have had to cut the tree down, plane the wood, piece it together and maybe, just then maybe, think about sending them out.  But, once they get here, I’m sure they’ll be perfect. 

So while we were in the midst of renovating downstairs, we decided to do a little work in the owners suite just to see what we had to work with.  More specifically, we wanted to see what the original pine floors looked like under the carpet, and we were not disappointed.  The owners quarters were once a rentable suite, so we had a small closet and a jacuzzi tub (which we never used).  So we decided to pull the tub out, convert the space that it once occupied into a closet, so that we would have a his AND hers closet.  Well, while we were doing that, it snowballed into “hey, lets scrape the ceilings and repaint the bedroom and the bathroom, oh and new closet shelving, oh yeah and lets change doors”.  But I will say, we are super excited about it.

We were lucky enough to have some help on this job from some family members, so a BIG THANK YOU to all of those involved.  We sanded the original pine floors by hand so we didn’t lose that “rustic” look.  There’s still plenty of dings and scratches from when the Harborlight was once a bustling restaurant, but thats the character we like.  We put a couple coats of poly down once they were sanded and BOOM, they’re beautiful.  The room was really cleaned up with smooth ceilings and a fresh coat of paint.  Even the little things like changing the switches and outlets to new, bright white made everything come to life. 

The overall feel of the room is that historic coastal feel with modern touches if that makes sense.  A soft grey wall color with old hardwood and clean lines, it turned out better than we expected.  It’s given us the inspiration and motivation to look forward to renovating other suites.  We are done with the work for this winter, with the busy season approaching, we are focusing on other aspects of the business since the calendar is filing up quickly.  Our projects for next winter are the Emerald Suite and hopefully the Swann Suite.  I’ve somehow convinced Dana to allow me complete control over the Swann Suite renovation…

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