A Look Into the Life

So it’s happened more than once, more than twice…I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen times since Dana and I have taken over operations here at the Harborlight, the common comment of “You’re so young!”  True, Dana and I are both under the age of 30, so the title of Innkeeper/Owner of a bed and breakfast does seem a little strange doesn’t it?  Why would a soon to be married couple choose this lifestyle you may ask yourself?  I’ll be happy to answer that!

Dana and I both come from the world of hospitality, her being an event manager for most of her professional career and me, well I’ve been a little of this and a little of that, mostly focusing on the world of fly fishing.  So entertaining is in our blood, it’s what we like to do.  Correction, it’s what we love to do.  It’s always so interesting to meet people from around the world, different cultures, different opinions, different mindsets.  It’s refreshing to have change if that makes sense.  We are always learning something new from guests and building relationships for the future.

Beyond the entertaining aspect, it’s a lifestyle choice.  Yes, there’s a lot of busy work and yes we are working 24/7, 365, but we enjoy it.  The honey-do list will never end, but the work is satisfying.  We can sit back and look at what we’ve become a part of and appreciate that we are a young, self-employeed couple who is making a life for themselves in a positive way.  There’s no corporate deadlines or scheduled meetings that we have to make, there’s no rush to finish this by a certain day or do that for whatever reason, there’s just pure happiness and enjoyment.  Now rushing to do 8 loads of laundry and iron sheets and prep for breakfast can seem like a deadline, but we always tell ourselves…just relax.  That’s what this is all about, happiness.

I would encourage anyone out there to do what makes them happy, whether it be sorting through spreadsheets or taking people fishing for a living.  Make a living that makes you happy and have a life that you enjoy living.  You’ll only regret the things you haven’t done.

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