Spring has Sprung!

Well we’ve had an eventful winter season here at the Harborlight.  We completed our common room renovation and our Swann Suite got a makeover with new carpet, furniture and a fresh coat of paint and decor.  It’s really given us some great ideas to move forward with for the other suites in the near future!… (read more)

The Beginnings of Suite Renovations

I’m sure many of you have seen the posts about our common room renovation, we are STILL waiting on a few pieces to complete that process.  Our doors were back-ordered…and by back-ordered, I mean they must have had to cut the tree down, plane the wood, piece it together and maybe, just then maybe, think… (read more)

Common Room Renovation

So with winter time upon us, we’ve taken the opportunity to update our common area here at the Harborlight.  Previously, the common area was a little broken apart in our opinion.  There was an area when you first walked in t hat housed the check-in desk, bookshelf, ice maker and a cabinet with extra plates,… (read more)

Weddings, Weddings and Weddings!

So we recently had our first wedding as owners here at the Harborlight and let me tell you, it was an absolute blast!  We didn’t really know what to expect for hosting a wedding, we know what goes into planning once since we’ve been doing that for ourselves for the past year.  But hosting, thats… (read more)

The Best Bananas Foster French Toast

So we’ve recently discovered that we are OBSESSED with bananas and french toasts, so why not a bananas foster french toast??  Exactly!  So wipe the drool off and take note, because here we go: Ingredients: CARAMEL-BANANA TOPPING 6 tablespoons butter, melted 1 cup brown sugar 2 tablespoons light corn syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon… (read more)

A Look Into the Life

So it’s happened more than once, more than twice…I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen times since Dana and I have taken over operations here at the Harborlight, the common comment of “You’re so young!”  True, Dana and I are both under the age of 30, so the title of Innkeeper/Owner of… (read more)

I’m Talkin Food Here

So let’s talk food for a second….more specifically what dishes may pop up here at the Harborlight and a few other dishes we’re curious to try out and see what happens.  We made an agreement this past week that we would try ONE new dish each day, whether it be and appetizer or the main… (read more)

The Best Bed and Breakfast Blog Ever (period)

We’re going to try out something new with the Harborlight Guest House, blogging. Let’s bring ourselves into the present and get “hip” with a playful, witty blog that’s up to date on everything that’s happening here at our charming bed and breakfast. From time to time, we’ll keep you updated on recipes, local happenings, maybe… (read more)