The Best Bed and Breakfast Blog Ever (period)

PhotoWe’re going to try out something new with the Harborlight Guest House, blogging. Let’s bring ourselves into the present and get “hip” with a playful, witty blog that’s up to date on everything that’s happening here at our charming bed and breakfast. From time to time, we’ll keep you updated on recipes, local happenings, maybe even a little insight into the behind the scenes operation of running a bed and breakfast. For post number one, a little introduction is at hand.

We are Dana Brocious and Perry McDougald, two energetic and outgoing whippersnappers who have been graced with the opportunity to continue the amazing tradition of the Harborlight experience. We first met out in Vail, Colorado at Thanksgiving of 2011. Being that we were both working in the hospitality field in a resort town, holidays were especially busy for us, so we have what we like to call a “Friendsgiving”. Dana was the grown up of the group, preparing a delicious turkey with all the fixin’s a boy could dream of. It was then the Perry walked through the door, spirits in hand, gladly sharing with the group to keep everyone’s cheers alive. It was from that moment on, they knew they were perfect for one another.

What started off as a friendship enjoying the outdoors and hiking the mountains of Colorado, turned into a love affair that burns stronger today than ever. After a short stint in Savannah, GA, their attention was turned to North Carolina to handle some personal matters. Being that they had moved three states in less than a year, it was time to set some roots. Entertaining has always been what they have enjoyed, so a quick Google search and BOOM, there she was. The Harborlight Guest House, right there waiting. We bought the inn back in May of 2016 and have enjoyed hosting guests ever since.

So there’s a quick background on us, we’ll be happy to fill you in on more as time goes on. Make sure and keep your eyes peeled for updates on the blog. If there’s anything you’d like to know about us, the inn, or what we do around here, just let us know!

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